Could Apple's Stock be Done?

Apple Inc is God

Now that Apple Inc (AAPL) is trading at an all-time high out come the naysayers.  Just another jerk trying to make a name for himself.

Apple shares are up more than 20% in 2014 while the major indexes are up less than 10%.  Bet against Apple now?  Go for it.

Worst headline and story I have read today, enjoy -- Apple could be ‘obsolete’ in 3 years: Analyst

Basura via

Apple could be "obsolete" in three years, due to increasing competition and "make-believe" valuations in the technology sector, one analyst told CNBC on Thursday.

The comments came after Apple reported second-quarter net profit of $7.75 billion on Tuesday, up 12 percent from $6.90 billion in the same period last year.

Quarterly revenue came in at $37.4 billion. For the third quarter of this year, the technology giant forecast it would post revenue of between $37 and $40 billion.