Chris Brown's Booty Party Pic

C Brown

Don't have an instagram account? No worries, here's the pic

Nice work Chris Brown.  Fresh out of jail so let's have a party on a school night with a bunch of porn stars.  Nice.

What a party to be at.  That would be an Instagram photo of Alexis TexasBonnie RottenAlektra Blue and Sarah Jessie.

This time Brown was in jail (since March) for violating the terms of his probation after being ejected from a rehabilitation center in Malibu, where he was being treated for anger-management problems.

His expulsion from the center followed a refusal to take a drug test, violations of an agreement to maintain a distance of two feet from female clients, and statements about guns and knives that participants in a group therapy session found threatening. 

Great party pic!!!

 chris brown booty pic party