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Star Wars 7 Trailer new Stormtroopers

Unbelievable but its real.

Just when you thought Candace Payne, a.k.a. Chewbacca Mom would leave the spotlight she found another reason to stick aroung. Hasbro the loving company that produced all the Star Wars figures from the 1970's on just found a reason to stay relative. How about a 'Chewbacca Mom Action Figure.'

Candace got her own custom figure from Hasbro. These are not being mass produced so you can't buy one. But just wait for this one of a kind toy to show up on eBay in 3 years time.

Here's the dumb story from 

A rep for Hasbro also confirmed to EW that the figure features 13 catchphrases, including, “That’s not me making that noise, it’s the mask,” “I am such a happy Chewbacca,” and her signature laugh.