Best Show you Aren't Streaming: BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman

Will Arnet is on his A-Game and then some.

Now available on Netflix streaming is the Netflix original comedy series 'BoJack Horseman'. It gets better wich each episode.

There are 13 episodes available right now, season one is only on Netflix.  This is the best animated series since Family Guy. There's a love element tied into the story with a compeition between BoJack and a similar washed up star Mr. Peanut Butter (a talking dog).  For those that don't think you can watch a talking Horse since Mr. Ed, it's time to think again.  

Chris Mitchell from Popzara was equally optimistic about the show's future, saying that "Fans of FX's Archer or Fox's Bob's Burgers will definitely want to check this one out, as its rapid-fire delivery is always consciously spot-on." The New York Times described the show as "hilarious and ribald".