The Best Baldness Cure of 2014

Tron Animated Uprising

Cure your baldness while looking awesome

Lets face it - Bald is beautiful. Just ask celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Jason Stathum, and Natalie Portman when she shaved her head in V for Vendetta.

However, for some reason a lot of guys (and girls) who are bald actually want to have hair again. Personally, I'm glad I don't have to deal with shampooing, conditioning, brushing, combing, and trips to the barber shop. That's not to say that I don't shampoo my dome; I'm just saying it takes about 1/10 the time as the average dude.

Well, for all my bald bros out there, you finally have an option: The Theradome.

It's currently only FDA approved for females, but the folks at Theradome are expecting approval for men this summer. PLUS, you get the added bonus of looking just like the Tron guy!

Apparently all you have to do is wear this helmet that looks like it is straight out of the move Tron for twice a week for 20 minutes. Next thing you know, you have a full head of hair. The price: $795. 

Note: This is not a paid article and we have received no compensation from theradome for posting this.

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