Ali Your Baba!! Enough Already

Alibaba BABA

Forget buying, it's shit.

Sell your house and put all on Alibaba Group Holding (BABA).  If you do that you are stupid.

You are not going to get rich on BABA, that's already been done by the rich people already in before the IPO. 

When the IPO goes tomorrow you may get a chance to buy at $80 a share, that's our prediction.  Chances are it will be higher by the time you get a chance to execute your trade via your online trading site (E*TRADE, Scottrade, etc)

The demand for Alibaba’s shares has been intense, as evidenced by the company’s announcement earlier this week that it was raising the expected IPO price range to $66-$68 per share. When media attention sharpens and demand intensifies for any new stock offering it raises the likelihood of a large bump in the price of the stock after it debuts on the open market. The likelihood of that early bump in the stock price should scare off any and all retail investors.

Bottom line: If you must own BABA don't do so until next week.  There is far to much hype on this, worse than Facebook (FB).  Recall that disaster and it took about a year for investors who got to buy on the 1st day to turn a profit.