Icahn vs. Ackman on CNBC

Spy vs.Spy

By now you've heard of the battle on CNBC, here's the link to the video.

Via CNBC.com enjoy listening to the battle of Bill Ackman vs. Carl Icahn.  It got very heated and CNBC of course has the video posted in its "unedited" format.

(CNBC.com) Call them the "Bickering Billionaires," two financial titans who squared off in a breathtaking, unforgettable smackdown Friday on CNBC.  Bill Ackman, the head of Pershing Square Capital Management and its $12 billion in assets, squared off against Carl Icahn, the fellow activist investor and one of the richest men in America with an estimated fortune of nearly $15 billion.

Fellow Masters here is the link to the video.