Apple Crucified After-Hours

Apple Inc is God

Best article from the post earnings call

By now you have heard and can't believe it.  Apple Inc (AAPL) was defeated by Wall Street after the close.  50 million iPhones an a stellar guidance wasn't enough.

The stock tanked 8% after-hours and will most likely open between $508 to $515.

Apple Inc.

NASDAQ: AAPL - Jan 27 7:59 PM ET

550.50+4.43 (0.81%)
After Hours: 506.04-44.46 (-8.08%)

The words of Rocco Pendola puts it all into perspective:

Apple Proves That Our Society Stinks
BY  Rocco Pendola | 01/27/14 - 07:15 PM EST

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Lately, I've been down about the negativity that saturates our society.

You see it everywhere. From the knee-jerk reaction to label Richard Sherman a thug to snark about The Grammys. The only conclusion of certainty I can come to about negativity in our world of outrage is that it's depressingly pervasive.

I've feel like crap for the past few weeks as I reflect on my role in contributing, in some small way, to this human condition. And, no joke, I undertook this psychological exercise independent of Glenn Beck's public revelation.

In and of itself, my participation in this world of outrage and seemingly endemic negativity, marked by equal parts snark, skepticism and cynicism, means little. I'm a pimple on the larger affliction's hind end. However, when you consider the cumulative and, hence, corrosive effects, my involvement -- and yours, assuming you're among the guilty as charged -- matters. Continue at