Apple Shares Holding Steady

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Another win for AAPL

The year is just getting started and Apple Inc (AAPL) shares are already up 3%. It's a trend that will most likely continue in 2017.

The most valuable company in the world is starting the New Year right. Apple shares are just a few cents away from breaking it's 52 week high.  Expect Apple shares to trade flat until their earnings call later this month.  Apple reports Q1 earnings on Jan 24.  We are all waiting on the new iPhone 8 that is due out later this year.  The iPhone 8 is expected to be released on Sept. 2017. Nobody knows when. Yet.

iPhone 7 production is slowing down and the question remains when will Apple put its cash to use?  The company needs growth and the stock won't budge much further until Apple can strengthen it's iPhone ecosystem.  The iWatch is not that anwser.

Apple now sports a 2% annual dividend yield. It's a safe bet but they have much to prove to make it worth your investment.

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