Told you not to Sleep on Zillow

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We told you twice in Nov. not to give up on Zillow.  Congrats to those that listened

Zillow (Z) shares are up 12% today, one of the few winners on a dismal trading day.  Zillow shares are up 89% since we said 'buy' back in November.

Mastery nailed the bottom in Zillow shares back in November, if you've enjoyed any part of the rally now is a great time to cash in your gains.   The incredible short interest (35% of the float) is working for those who have a long position in the Zillow. 

Zillow shares are up today after beating the street on yesterday's earnings conference call.  The highlights are the following:

  • Record Quarterly Revenue of $34.3 million, up 73% over fourth quarter 2011.
  • Record Quarterly Marketplace Revenue of $26.8 million, up 95% over fourth quarter 2011.
  • Quarterly Net Income of $0.5 million, resulting in basic and diluted EPS of $0.02.
  • Quarterly Adjusted EBITDA of $6.8 million, representing 20% of revenue.
  • Quarterly traffic grew 47% year-over-year to 34.5 million average monthly unique users with more than 50% of visits coming from mobile devices in December.

Read more from the company's earnings report release.

Thanks for reading and congrats to all who have banked coin on this trade.

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