Research in Motion to be Thinner (RIMM)

Thinner Movie

RIM will starve itself to death to become successful again.  It won't work.

Billy Halleck had an easier time surviving in the movie "Thinner" than Research in Motion (RIMM) will have becoming (as their CEO said) a "lean, mean, hunting machine."  Sure they will.

Research in Motion's new CEO Thorsten Heins gave his inspirational speech to the world proclaiming that upcoming BlackBerry devices would transform his dying company into a "lean, mean, hunting machine."

Mastery doesn't buy the 4th down Hail Mary play by RIM management, who does?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Research In Motion (RIMM) is trading at $7.42 and its shares are 3.77% from its 52-week low.  Bottom feeders love that RIM shares haven't been this low since 2003 but who really cares?  No outside buyers do, they have all passed at a chance to buy the company.  Trying to catch a bounce in RIM shares is a risky bet.  The Blackberry will soon be a distant memory like the Palm Pilot.

Bottom line: RIM will starve to death becoming a "lean... machine", so will investors.