NetFlix Continues to Dominate (NFLX)

nflxNetFlix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) shares are trading over $230 these days and most of us are waiting to buy on a dip.  This year alone NetFlix shares are up 33% and make that 120% over the past 12 months.

Today we get word that NetFlix is now the biggest source of North American web traffic, accounting for 24.71% of aggregate traffic. 

The company is now planning to take over Canada.

( | Devindra Hardawar)

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If for some reason you need further convincing that Netflix is taking over our lives, you only need to look at Sandvine’s latest report which shows that the video streaming company is now the biggest source of North American web traffic, accounting for 24.71 percent of aggregate traffic.

Netflix also accounts for about a third (29.70 percent, up from 21 percent last fall) of all download traffic — not surprising, since high-definition streaming is a major bandwidth hog. Netflix ended up surpassing BitTorrent for both download (10.37 percent) and aggregate Internet traffic (17.23 percent).

The traffic numbers show us that Netflix is an even more dominant force on the web than some think, and it also shows us just how quickly new markets will jump on the Netflix bandwagon.

After launching in Canada last September, Netflix managed to snag over 800,000 registered users there by the end of March 2011. Sandvine points out that number accounts for around 10 percent of Canada’s broadband households, and that Netflix traffic now consumes 13.5 percent of downstream traffic during evening peak hours in Canada.