Alternatives to Netflix

Netflix Interface - big pic

What else can you use besides Netflix to watch movies and TV shows online? 

The obvious and perhaps best user experience to watching movies and tv shows online is Netflix (NFLX).  They are the setting the bar and their user friendly-intuitive design is the standard that everyone else is copying.  If you want to watch movies from your laptop, XBOX 360, PS3, tablet (iPad, Nexus 7, Nexus 10) then this is the list you have been searching.  Believe it or not, there are free versions of Netflix on the web however they are not legal.



All of these sites/services are available on iPad, Android, and all can be streamed from a mac or pc.  Some of these services are available on XBOX 360 and PS3.  Enjoy the streaming!!


Netflix (

Hulu (


TiVo (

Amazon Prime (

YouTube ( (

Crackle ( - Jerry Sienfeld's Comedians in Cars getting Coffee

Google Play (

CinemaNow (




In effort to keep our hosting and not be eliminated by Google, Bing, or Yahoo we will not provide the URL's to the following illegal online streaming sites.  You can simply copy/paste the names below into your browser of choice and review the movies and tv show offerings of each website.  The illegal websites do not have the same quality and interface of the legal services listed above.  Also consider you are supporting privacy but in this web 2.0 world these services will continue to flourish despite the consequences. 

Stream at your own risk and don't forget Big Brother is always watching which websites you visit.