Keystone XL Pipeline: Stocks to Buy

Obama Money (big pic)

It has to happen and when it does -- buy these stocks.

We brought you this list last year and now we touch up the list with the latest stocks to benefit the most from a 'green light' on the Keystone XL pipeline.  The lineup includes many of our favorites including TransCanada Corp. (TRP), Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ), Suncor Energy (SU), and Exxon Mobil (XOM).

Already to bounce from our site?  Fair enough. 

Here are the tickers that will bank the most coin from the Keystone XL Pipeline:  TRP, CNQ, COP, DE, XOM, LYB, PWR, VLO, PTR, SU.

Canada Oil SandsCreate your list using your favorite online tracking tool and watch them closely.  The premise of the pipeline is simple:

Oil fresh from the Canadian Oil Sands down to America so we can create 'energy independence'.

Yesterday was the final day of the U.S. State Department's 45-day public comment period for the Keystone XL pipeline. If approved by the State Department, the proposed international pipeline would carry diluted tar sands bitumen nearly 1,200-miles from Alberta to southeastern Nebraska. A southern segment currently under construction would carry the crude product on to Gulf Coast refineries. 

Will it really happen?  The talking heads are saying it's a 50/50 chance.  Place your bets accordingly.