GIS Shares Finally Moving: Short Squeeze?

General Mills (GIS)

Could it be a short squeeze?

Slow mover and grandpa stock General Mills (NYSE:GIS) is up over 1% today. Not an exciting move but this week has finally moved almost 3% from it's 12 month low. 

GIS has been hitting new 52-week lows for the last two weeks. The stock has done nothing but play dead or fall deeper into the grave since its last earnings call on June 28. In the past few days GIS has clime back above $55. Going into the afternoon session GIS has managed to climb 1.4$ over it's 20 day same moving average. However price stability has not been achieved as GIS is still 1.3% below its 50 day same moving average. 

Ticker Price 52 Wk-High 52 Wk-Low P/E EPS From 52wk High From 52wk Low Finviz TP % from Finviz TP
GIS $55.18 $72.51 $53.24 19.91 2.77 -31.41% 3.76% $56.72 2.79%

What caught our attention today is the 80% robot generated article from They also noticed the uptick and think there could be a short squeeze building. It's not a bad premise and could explain why the bottom feeders are buying back the stock. GIS still sports a healthy 3.6% annual dividend yield.

The stock is worth a look at this point but until its a few points above the 50 day moving average there's nothing to write to grandpa. Not yet anyway.

GIS General Mills, Inc. daily Stock Chart