Fiscal Cliff Solution: Fire U.S. Lawmakers

Fedo - Godfather Kiss of Death

U.S. Taxpayers should not have to pay salaries for these shitboxes destroying our equities.

He said, she said... none of us care Boehner.  You said $1 million, Obama countered with $400K, then the GOP dropped the ball.  We are moments away from the credit agencies downgrading the United States of America (again).  If that happens then stocks will really tank. 

Our stocks are about to get the kiss of death provided the Fiscal Cliff situation is not resolved.

What job in America provides you a lifelong pension, great compensation, and not do a damn thing?

U.S. Senator.

As a Senator you get paid at least $174K, and Boehner rakes in $223,500 for arguing full-time and accomplishing zero. You also get to deduct $3K each year for 'living expenses'.  You also get great health insurance and a generous retirement plan, again thanks to Joe and Jane U.S. Taxpayer.

Back to the situation at hand -- "Plan B" has been dropped and equities are falling. 

GOP members you are going to have to raise taxes.

Democrats please be sensible and agree to whatever the GOP is willing to do.

Both parties stop embarrassing Americans that voted for you and reconcile your differences before the shit hits the fan.

Enough is enough.  Remember the actions of your elected leaders and next time you get to vote, let them have it.