Fiscal Cliff: Yes or No

Boehner Cliff 300 Style

Come on U.S. leaders, earn your paychecks.

For now it appears Democrats and Republicans are working together on resolving the issues impacting the 'Fiscal Cliff'.  Let's hope they don't push the world off the cliff.

The headlines are encouraging as of Nov 16th, the media is reporting Obama and Boehner are working together.  God help us all if they don't resolve their differences and save America from going over the edge.  The latest via

President Obama opened negotiations with congressional leaders Friday on ways to avert a looming “fiscal cliff” of huge spending cuts and tax hikes, and participants from both parties afterward called the meeting constructive and expressed optimism that a deal can be reached.

Four Republican and Democratic leaders of the House and Senate were unanimous after the initial round of talks in saying they were confident that they and the White House could agree on measures to raise federal revenue and cut spending before a Jan. 1 deadline, when draconian provisions originally designed to force a compromise are scheduled to take effect. Continue..

Hang in there fellow Masters.