Bounces Back

A-Team_Hannibal is making a comeback. (COUP) is up 10% today trading at around $25.

COUP has a 52-week range of $15 to $33.  With this new move it is putting the stock back on course to regain its position. is a recent IPO and the stock hasn't done well since going public.  COUP is up today on zero news.  It appears we finally have some interested buyers that believe this stock is worth accumulating.  The stock is now more reasonably priced.  Recall the 100% gain on the IPO day, the stock was only supposed to be between $12 and $14 a share.

Investing in COUP looks to be a volatile trade at this point, this is a day traders dream.  If you decide to get into the pool on this one expect to be able to swim with the short sellers.  The stock was due for a bounce after hitting near its IPO entry point in early May.  That bounce was due to better than expected earnings reported on May 7th: misses by $0.34, beats on revenue
  • (COUP): Q1 EPS of -$0.41 misses by $0.34.
  • Revenue of $51.5M (+41.1% Y/Y) beats by $7.94M.
  • Shares +8.9% AH.

Could this uptrend continue?

It's a risky bet but it does appear to have great buying interest.  The floor for COUP appears to be $20.  Short interest last clocked at around 5% (April 30th). We are sure that number will increase when we get new data from the various websites (Yahoo,, Finviz, etc).  This stock will remain victim to traders until earnings report on Aug 4th - 8th is delivered.  Until that time expect wild swings on any news or rumors.  

Bottom line: COUP is an inticing trade that could make it back to $30 overnight. However that trade comes at great risk due to lack of data on the recent IPO. Don't throw your life savings at this name, just gamble what you can.