CD Rate Shopping Around (April 2013)

High Yield CDs - Big Pic

MixMasterMike helps us find a CD offer at 1.3% APY.

The CD rates thus far in 2013 have been terrible.  We would only consider Ally Bank or this week VirtualBank's CD offers.  We did find a 1.3% APY offer but there's a catch.

Ally Bank has a new offer which gives you an impressive 1.3% APY. What a deal!!  The only issue is it's 4 year commitment.  Wah-Wah.  Still if you have millions laying around and want to lock away your funds for a guaranteed payout -- this is your deal.  Throw down $50K and 4 years later Ally will pay you $2,649.54.  Super Rich.  Click here to go to Ally's site and review the deal for yourself. Then again if you have that much money go buy $50K worth of scratch tickets and scratch away faster then Mix Master Mike.  And now, MixMasterMike with the B-Boys...



virtual bankVirtualBank has a 2 year CD offer at 1.16% APY.  Click here to review VirtualBank's offer and other CD offers.  However you will need at least $10K to enjoy VirtualBank's offers.  They are all trendy calling them 'eCDs'.  If they were iCD's and came with a free iPod we would like them better.  If you are going to drop your money in CDs, stick with regular CD's and skip this eCD deal.