Gamble Two Dollars on AMD?

Two Dollars - Better Off Dead

AMD reports late Tuesday, is it worth the gamble?

Last Friday Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) closed down 10% to $2.46.  The company reports earnings Tuesday (Jan 22nd) after the market closes and it's a scary bet.

For those that care Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD) shares have traded between $1.81 and $8.35 over the past 12 months.  AMD's arch rival Intel Corp (INTC) reported a crappy earnings call last week and their stock tanked 6% .  Intel shares dropped within 9% of its 12 month low last Friday.   If Wall Street didn't like what Intel had to say then AMD shareholders should be concerned.  Expectations are anything but high for AMD on its earnings call, God help the guidance. 

Mastery is not buying ahead of the conference call.  AMD carries a 18% short interest so if the results are bad its shares are going down fast.  Perhaps those low expectations could work in favor for long AMD optimists.  We will not be hitting the crack pipe due to AMD's negative cash flow after reporting two consecutive quarters amid declining revenues.  This stock will be fun to watch and if it does miss, expect a victory for the shorts. Place your bet accordingly and trade at your own risk. 

If you are conflicted about how to trade AMD check out -- AMD's Earning Preview: What To Watch After A Rough Year.  Best of luck to everyone playing the call.


INTC and AMD 1 Year Charts: