Apple After-Hours 9% from 12 Month Low

Apple Inc - All Kinds of Apples

Seems a bit much even for Apple.

The after-hours action on Apple Inc (AAPL) following its mixed bag call could be overdone.  Apple is at $462.70 in after-hours trading Jan 23rd.  Keep in mind Apple's 12 month low is $419.55 which means only 9.3% to go to reach a new bottom.

Apple shares continue to bounce around $462 to $463 after hours, which amounts to a 9% loss.  The numbers didn't seem terrible, check out Another Apple Article: They Missed.  The news and analysis continues to pour in on Apple Inc. and its 'disappointing quarter'. 

Fellow Masters, should we hit a new 12 month low it's a no brainer 'Buy'.  More to come.