Another Apple Article: They Missed

Apple Inc is God

Apple really is just a company, not a holy magical force.  Too bad.

Yes, yet another article about Apple Inc (AAPL).  The company missed on earnings today (Jan 23rd) and its shares are down after-hours.  Apple shares are falling 5% in after-hours trading.

The richest corporation on the planet earth missed the Street by $220 million for Q1.  That really doesn't sound that bad when Apple Inc. raked in $54.5 billion in revenue.  Apple expects its forward Q2 to be between $41 to $43 billion, $2 billion shy of what the Street wanted.

Expect to hear all about it and read a million articles about Apple tomorrow.  As I type Apple Inc (AAPL) shares are at $485 and down almost 5%.

They still sold a ton of iShit, including the following in Q1:

  • 47.8 million iPhones

  • 22.9 million iPads

  • 4.1 million Macs

  • 12.7 million iPods

 If Apple shares continue to tank they will provide a great entry point for bystander investors.