Why Buy Disney Shares?
Darth Vader - Hoth

Two words. STAR WARS.

Betting Against the Miners has Banked Massive Coin
Goldfinger - Gold Overdose James Bond

The miners have been killed and the reverse miner ETF have profited.

Short or Long Amazon.com Inc?
Cyber Monday

Einhorn's latest short thesis has this stock buzzing.

John Wick: A Must see Movie
John Wick

Neo is back.

NightCrawler comes out on Halloween

This movie looks dope.

Time for Stocks to Bounce Back (Oct 20th Week)
Bull Market on Wall Street

At least one popular CNBC host believes it could be.

Best GIF of the Day: Beetlejuice
Beetlejuice at the Table animated GIF


Netflix stocks tanks but gets a 'Buy' Rating
Robocopy - I'd buy that for a Dollar

A 'Buy' rating despite a 22% drop in share price.

Best Animated GIF of the Day
Steven Seagal Shooting Kids

Watch out, it's Steven Seagal!

High Frequency Trading Kills Oct 13th Session
AWESOM-O (Large Pic)

Fucking robots.

Where are Stocks Going (Oct-Nov 2014)?
Magic 8 Ball

The Dow Jones has erased all gains for the year, now what?

Women's Underwear gone Tech?
Women Tech CEOs

There really is something for everyone.

New Star Trek Shenanigans
Star Trek Underwear Scene

Oh boy.

Stocks back to Pain
Mr. T - Pain

Down, up, now really Down.  Forecast is for Pain.

Sexy FROZEN Movie Costumes, Really?
Frozen Sexy

Trick or Treat Indeed