Stocks: Time to Exit while we are at the Top?
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Time to ring the register.

Krispy Kreme Gives Free Doughnuts: Stock won't Bounce
Doughnuts, Mmm (Homer)

KKD shares are no longer around to bounce from this news

Steel Stocks Jump Higher with Trump

Trump says only American Steel will be used on pipelines

DryShips: $5 to $1 stock in 30 past days
DryShips Inc - Picture by Bidness Etc

DRYS is a falling knife, sinking ship, and more.

I want $2.2 Billion from Chipotle: For a Picture
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG)

Crying over a burrito.

Marijuana Stock AXIM Biotech up 1,700% this Week
AXIM BioTech

We just noticed some marijuana stocks and this one is winning.

Chipotle Shares Holding $400 Level
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG)

Burrito stock holding its own after being down much of last year.

Marijuana Stocks to add to your radar in 2017
$100 Bill - U.S. Currency

Blaze up and cash in.

Apple Shares Holding Steady
Apple Inc - Large Logo

Another win for AAPL

The Last Blockbuster Video Twitter is a Must Read

Star Trek: One of Obama's Favorite Sci-Fi Movies
Star Trek Underwear Scene

Great scene.

In Facebook We Trust

We picked the low this year, should have loaded up.

Best White Elephant Gift for 2016
Star Wars 7 Trailer new Stormtroopers

Unbelievable but its real.

When the Market Falls Buy FB

The company has a license to print cash. We all know it.

Dividend Stock with a 6% Annual Yield (POT)

Good Ol' Potash Corp.