Best White Elephant Gift for 2016
Star Wars 7 Trailer new Stormtroopers

Unbelievable but its real.

12 weeks 1 day
When the Market Falls Buy FB

The company has a license to print cash. We all know it.

12 weeks 1 day
Dividend Stock with a 6% Annual Yield (POT)

Good Ol' Potash Corp.

29 weeks 4 days
GOGO shares decline overdone?

Gogo Inc was down 40% this morning, is it that bad?

31 weeks 4 days
Deadpool beats the Matrix and 50 Shades with New 'R' Rated $150M Opening Run
Deadpool Cast - Thumbs Up

In your face lame superhero movies.

31 weeks 5 days
Alcoa Shares: No Respect
No Respect - Rodney

Despite all its efforts to reinvent itself the stock is still down.

31 weeks 6 days
Did Kim Kardashian Cheer for her Dad on TV during OJ Simpson Debacle?
Kim Kardashian

Don't believe everything you see on TV?

32 weeks 2 days
Disney hit a new 52-week Low Yesterday

Are you kidding me?

32 weeks 2 days
Another Down day for the Market

Stocks continue their decline.

32 weeks 4 days
Bottom Fishing: New 52-week low Stocks (DISH, ZNGA, GS)
Goldman Sachs Skeletor Style

Hard to believe but one of them is Goldman.

32 weeks 4 days
New highs for Star Wars, New Lows of it's Parent Company shares
Sand Person Tusken Raider

DIS is now under $100 a share.

37 weeks 2 days
More Stocks Tank to 52-week Lows
Bear Market.jpg

Stocks are in Tanksville.

37 weeks 2 days
Star Wars hits new Ticket Sales, Stock not so Much
Star Wars 7 Trailer new Stormtroopers

Massive ticket sales equals a drop in Disney shares?

39 weeks 4 days
Disney Shares Hold Steady After-Hours

DIS is flat for now.

46 weeks 2 days
How much longer can Streaming Pirate Sites Survive?
Netflix Interface - big pic

Movie4k and others can't last forever, can they?

50 weeks 15 hours