Ron Johnson-JC Pennys

Shares of JC Penny's are up nearly 20% YTD thanks to its new "Rock Star" CEO Ron Johnson, ex-SVP of Retail Sales at Apple. Can JCP keep up the... ...more 3,248

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Bullish General Large Pic

Forget indivdual stocks, go with the gusto.

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Rubix Cube Face

If you're trying to find your next trade, look no further.

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Sling Blade Covered Calls

Here are today's Covered Call Picks for Monday 03-26-2012. Note that these are for the May Expiration.

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Walter Yelling - Big Lebowski

Covered Call Picks for the end of January by Walter.

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T-1000 Changing

Low expectations are drowning the steel industry.  Its why the Masters are considering buying.

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Bull Wall St Stockmasters Logo

An incredible bullish week and Mastery has the stock picks for you.

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Breaking Bad - Drying Money (Walter White)

Even Heisenberg could be convinced its a good investment.

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300 Movie - Sparta Dude

The NBG pulls a "This is Sparta!" by doing a reverse stock split.  Shares went from 43 cents to $2.50 overnight.

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Make Fat Stacks with Covered Calls

Here are today's Covered Call Picks for Tuesday 11-22-2011. Note that these are for the January 2012 strike.

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Cloud Computing - Large Pic

Did you really think this stock wasn't going back up? 

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Raging Bull Index

Get ready to swing like a maniac and buy these beloved equities.

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Cut & Paste - CTRL C CTRL V

You can set your watch by it, the U.S. Natural Gas Fund ETF (UNG) almost hit a new low again.

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Five Dollar Bills - $5 - Large Pic

These 3 stocks have fallen out of favor with Wall Street. At least one of them could be the comeback kid of 2012.

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Hoth Battle - ESB

Thanks for reading this year in 2011 to our 12 beloved followers. Remember Hoth.

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