New 12 Month High Stocks (WNR, PRO, TUP, TIVO, CSII)

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Go with the strongest stocks you can buy, here are the new 52-week high's for Jan 31st.

The notable stocks hitting a new 52-week high today include Western Refining Inc (WNR), Pros Holdings Inc (PRO), Tupperware Brands Corp (TUP), TiVo Inc (TIVO), and Cardiovascular Systems Inc (CSII).


Mastery recommends chasing the fumes of these strong performing stocks.  Why gamble when you can go with these winners.

Western Refining Inc (WNR) closed at $33.63 a share today. Its 52 week range is between $16.63 and $34.11.  Already in 2013 WNR is up an incredible 19% and pays a 1.4% annual dividend yield.

Pros Holdings Inc (PRO) hit a new 12 month high of $22.44 before closing at $22.06.

Tupperware Brands Corp (TUP) closed today at $76.20. Its 52 week range is between $50.90 and today's new high of $76.35.  TUP also sports a 3.25% annual dividend yield.

TiVo Inc (TIVO) closed today at $13.34 a share. Its 52 week range is $7.75 and $13.49.

Cardiovascular Systems Inc (CSII) is currently trading at $15.74. Its 52 week range is between $8.24 and  today's new high of $16.15.