3D Printing Stocks being Overlooked (SSYS, DDD, ONVO, ADSK)

3D Printing Yoda Star Wars

3D Printing is only good for printing Star Wars crap. Wrong. That is why you fail.

Remember when 3D printing was going to change the world we lived in? The companies who created the 3D printers and sold them to the masses were going to make billions. Leaders like Stratasys Ltd (SSYS), 3D Systems (DDD), Organovo Holdings Inc (ONVO), and Autodesk Inc (ADSK). What happended? Wall Street lost patience, they delivered some bad quarters and the stocks were killed. Hello opportunity.

3D printing stocks are in the dumps. Which stocks are they you say?

Look no further than the stocks that make up the 3D Printing and Technology Fund Institutional Shares (MUTF:TDPIX). Rather than buy this fund and pay their mangement and redemption fees just to own it, investigate the holdings.  

Top 10 Holdings

Company Ticker YTD Return % % Net Assets
Stratasys Ltd SSYS -3.65 13.13
3D Systems Corp DDD -7.97 8.25
Organovo Holdings Inc ONVO -12.0 6.61
Autodesk Inc ADSK -9.9 4.36
Dassault Systemes SA ADR DASTY 0.97 4.13
Materialise NV ADR MTLS -9.56 3.61
General Electric Co GE -4.19 3.36
Arcam B AMAVF 19.77 3.25
Proto Labs Inc PRLB -4.96 3.07
Align Technology Inc ALGN -1.31 2.94

Reviewing the top 4 positions and the stock with the best possible ROI (based on Finviz.com target price) would be 3D Systems (DDD).  Note that Organovo (ONVO) does not have a average target price on finviz, so we set our own at $5 (what we consider the stock to be trading within 12 months from today). 

Ticker Price 52 Wk-High 52 Wk-Low P/E EPS From 52wk High From 52wk Low Finviz TP % from Finviz TP
SSYS $57.38 $130.83 $51.55 28.69 2.00 -128.01% 11.21% $74.05 29.05%
DDD $27.47 $69.56 $26.29 252.37 0.11 -153.22% 5.47% $37.00 34.69%
ONVO $4.06 $9.25 $3.99 #N/A -0.36 -127.83% 2.44% $5.00 23.15%
ADSK $59.02 $65.00 $44.76 167.55 0.35 -10.13% 24.62% $71.76 21.59%

These stocks have been left for dead. There is opportunity for the long term investor. ONVO could even be an acquisition target now that its market cap has been reduced to $325 million.


MASTERY Bottom Line (Ninja Style)

Do you own research. The 3D printing space is near the bottom. It's time to look at these stocks and the sector as a whole to determine when they could (and likely will) make a comeback.