New 12 Month High for 3D Systems

Jaws 3D

Mastery told you to buy this one April 12th, make that a 34% return.

Great day for shareholders of 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD), its shares hit a new 52-week high of $31.56 today.  Mastery brought this stock to you just a few weeks ago when it was under $24.


Recall our April 12th article 3D Printing: The Next Big Thing.  There's no need to cut and paste what we already said as the article title says it all.

We stand by our thesis -- While 3D printing could ultimately turn out to be a fad in the consumer world and the investment world (much like nanotech in the early 2000's), 3D systems is not some fly-by-night company. They are a legitimate, profitable company.

Analysts are projecting a 46% increase in DDD sales this year, and 18% in 2013. We think this is a conservative estimate for 2013, and if 3D printing really takes off, it could prove to be the investment of the decade.

Congrats to all the DDD longs.