3 Stocks to Battle the March 27th Deadline

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Just when you thought the panic was over, get ready for the end of the month.

Mastery pinpointed The Return of Volatility and there is cause to believe it could spark up again very soon.  The true deadline is not March 1st for the U.S. to get their shit together, it's March 27th.

Stocks are trading on headlines and they turn positive on the turn of a dime.  There is reason to believe stocks can keep running in 2013 with record profits, strong balance sheets and the U.S. housing sector on the mend.  However we won't be able escape volatility in our equities unless Congress agrees to extend funding by March 27th.  That is the deadline for the federal government and if they don't act it shuts down. 

Since October 2010, the federal government has been funded by a series of “continuing resolutions,” temporary extensions of current discretionary spending on programs, other than mandatory entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare and some defense spending. The current measure, passed in October 2012, runs out March 27, meaning Congress is slated for another continuing resolution before then.  source:abc news

Of course very few believe that will actually happen and we certainly don't.  The Powers-that-be are putting the U.S. at risk of a potential downgrade, but perhaps our bullish stocks don't care?  Mastery would love to believe that is the case.

Keep the iPath S&P 500 VIX Short Term Futures TM ETN (VXX) at your disposal.  We also are going to look for a few strong big cap names to throw some money at to ride the bullish trend should everything be solved on by the 27th.  Go with the old man stocks with broad exposure and tons of money such as General Electric (GE) and Procter & Gamble Company (PG).  Those two names are trading near their respective 12 month highs and those are the 'safest' stocks to invest in should the bullish trend continue.  They also won't fall like a knife in the face of volatility.


3 Stocks to Consider until March 27th