3D Printing: The Next Big Thing


It's time to jump on the 3D printing bandwagon and invest in 3D systems (DDD). Here's why.

3D Printing is the future

Imagine this: the year is 2018, you're at home, in your backyard, throwing a nerf football around with your son. He has a great arm, and accidentally bombs one over the fence into the neighbours yard.
The neighbors pit bull trots over, and proceeds to tear your son's beloved nerf football to shreds.

Not to worry, you pull out your trusty Android phone (it was found in 2016 that the iPhone 7 causes cancer, so no one uses apple products anymore) and you go to the 3d printing store. You select a red nerf ball design, which will cost you $2.99. With your purchase, the schematics are sent wirelessly to the 3d printer in your study.

You and your son go inside, take a quick water break, grab your shiny new nerf football fresh off the printer and play resumes.

We are in the early stages of a technology that could literally change the world. The stock we like is 3D systems.

While 3D printing could ultimately turn out to be a fad in the consumer world and the investment world (much like nanotech in the early 2000's), 3D systems is not some fly-by-night company. They are a legitimate, profitable company.

Analysts are projecting a 46% increase in DDD sales this year, and 18% in 2013. We think this is a conservative estimate for 2013, and if 3D printing really takes off, it could prove to be the investment of the decade.

Stock Mastery at its finest: Check out DDD with the +2.78 11.38% gain today!

Interesting piece.  3D-Systems has been on an acquisition spree for past couple years.   Will be interesting to see if it pays off.   There's still a lot of competition out there, especially in the growing consumer market.  You can check 3dprinterhub.com/3d-printer-brand/ to see some of their top competitors.

I Googled "3d printing names" and found some good 3D printing domain names for my business. I bought 5 already and they weren't cheap either. So my guess is even the domain names will be very hard to find unless you have deep pockets. I spent $47,000 on those 5 names but I know its a great investment since experts predicts it to top a Trillion dollars in the coming years. Thats a bold statement to make but I can see why. The 3D Printing Revolution has already begun.